Artist Statement

Storytelling is the engine that drives creativity. This became my focus point at the end of my second year at the Willem de Kooning Academy. It doesn’t matter if it is a sketch, a full-blown marketing campaign, or an interactive experiment. I believe that without a good story within the design, a project goes nowhere. With this idea in mind, I enjoy starting from scratch by creating a completely new idea for every project.

Connectivity is something I find important in my practice. Creating these narratives for people to engage with and take part in is an important part of my work. Furthermore, I recently started focusing on a couple of disciplines that I want to develop into specialties. These are identity design and speculative design. Although I am generally a jack of all trades and a master of none, I like to have something in my crosshairs that I can master.

How i got where i am

In 2008, I was nearing the time to go to high school. Because of my playful nature, my parents introduced me to a school they found called Johan De Witt College (later Maris College Media & Design). It was a high school specializing in what they called Grafimedia. Through the years, I was offered courses in various creative fields, like screen printing, print media, audio and visual design, drawing, art history, and web design.

After I earned my high school degree, I decided I wanted to continue doing something creative, so I enrolled in the Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam. During the starting period, I was introduced to graphic design and was blown away by the possibilities within this field. I passed the intake exam for the course and took the first steps into my practice. During the second year, I chose my specialization, which was corporate design. I chose this not so much for the corporate aspect but because I noticed that the classes were focused on identity design. Something I had (and still have) a big interest in.

In my final year, I got to go on two internships. I did my first internship at Dsign Squad, a signage and print company in The Hague. The second internship I did at Prik! Media, a design agency also based in The Hague, focusing mainly on identity design for music festivals and nightlife.  After college, I started to work as a freelancer. I mainly designed for nightlife events and restaurants or bars. This unfortunately came to a halt during the Corona pandemic, when we went into quarantine. I decided that this could be a good moment to continue studying and rolled into the Willem the Kooning Academy.

Where I am Now

I am currently studying at the Willem de Kooning Academy, where I follow the graphic design bachelor course and the commercial practice minor. Here I developed an interest in speculative design and creating worlds for my designs to live in. With these worlds, I would like to bring people together. This can be for discussions about important subjects or for festivals and events where people enjoy each other’s company. Besides that, I’m also still very interested in identity design, but I tend to use this as a backbone to create cohesion in my projects.

Where I want to go

I am currently heading into my fourth and final year at the Willem de Kooning Academy. During this year, I am planning to combine my minor and major projects into one big graduation project. This project will be focused on a world I will create following the techniques of speculative design, which will be visualized with my skills in graphic design.
After graduating, I am hoping to find a suitable job at a design studio while I continue my autonomous projects. Eventually, I would also like to open my own studio with a couple of other designers I work a lot with and to teach design at a later stage of my life once I have gathered enough experience.

If you are interested in working together, have a job offer, or are looking for a graphic designer, please send me a message using the contact form on this page. I will try to answer your message as quickly as possible.

Thank you!