Design a daily online connection offline. This was my summer project to get into the Willem de Kooning Academy. I felt drawn to this assignment because I wanted to get off the computer and start designing with my hands again. I picked the online platform Pinterest, and after being inspired by microfilm readers, I decided to make a mechanical portfolio presenter.

The machine is quite simple to use. The valves on the side can be used to scroll through a roll of paper, on which a portfolio can be printed and shown to viewers. The hull of the Pinterest Machine is made from wood (FSC approved), and the internal mechanics are made from metal, mostly aluminum. The screen has a plexiglass overlay, and I painted the whole machine with red primer and high gloss lacquer.

I enjoyed representing myself with this project because I already had a lot of digitally made design work, and this was the perfect opportunity to show my practical skills. Of course, I couldn’t have done it without the help of my dad, who is a very skilled carpenter.