From January until July 2023 I followed an internship at Studio Renate Boere as part of the third year Graphic Design Bachelor course at the Willem de Kooning Academy. During the internship, I was given the opportunity to work on different projects from a wide range of practices. From book design to identity design and creating marketing campaigns.
The first project that stood out for me during this period was a set of graduation documents for Nimeto. A mbo education institution in The Netherlands. The project consisted of five documents that needed to be designed. A degree, a certificate, a result list, an achievement certificate, and an honorary degree. The documents needed to fit into the identity of Nimeto, but because of the personal value of these documents, the client gave us more autonomy over the design to make something special. Because these documents were deemed valuable, we were also tasked with adding security measures to the design to make it as hard as possible to counterfeit the documents. These security measures consisted of a foil print, microtexts and gradients hidden throughout the document. The documents would also be printed on paper processed with UV fibers.
The second project that stood out was a series of posters I designed for the Hofplein Jeugdtheater. This youth theater based in Rotterdam created a campaign to inform people about the free try-out classes that they organize throughout The Netherlands. The client hired a photographer to take some great photos that we got to use in the design of the posters. Our target audience for the poster were kids and teens, so we decided to use the most vibrant colors from the color palette of the Hofplein identity. Each model was assigned a color. To break up the flat background, I implemented a light gradient and a silhouette of children dancing and in costumes.